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Dr. Lisa Kamean-Silva began working with children as a teenager and knew from this young age she wanted a profession where she could help children. Dr. Kamean-Silva attended undergraduate school at the State University Center of New York at Binghamton where she worked with children with severe behavioral disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Children’s Unit for Treatment and Evaluation. It was here she was trained in Applied Behavior Analysis.

After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology (1985), she attended graduate school at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutger’s University where she achieved her Doctorate of Psychology Degree (1990) and more training in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis through her work at the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center in New Brunswick, N.J.

Upon graduation from Rutgers, Dr. Kamean-Silva worked at South Shore Mental Health Center at the Child and Adolescent Clinic in Quincy and Hingham. Here she provided individual and family therapy, training for teachers, clinicians and parents and behavioral consultation to schools.

In 1991, Dr. Kamean-Silva joined the Fallon Clinic in Worcester where she provided individual and family therapy, and consulted other clinicians about the children they were treating. Shortly after joining Fallon, Dr. Kamean-Silva was promoted to Coordinator of Psychoeducational and Behavioral Services where she served as a consultant to the counseling center staff, clinic physicians and local school systems regarding educational and behavioral needs of children with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and/or behavioral disorders.

Dr. Kamean-Silva established a private practice in 1995 and continues to provide individual and family therapy, social skills training, psychological assessment, diagnostic assessment, behavioral consultation, parent training, teacher training, program evaluations, and many other services.